Top 5 Books about the Resurrection

I’m very excited about this post! Because today we are talking about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Or more specifically, the Top 5 Books About The Resurrection.

But, before we dive into the top 5 list, I would like to point out how unique and strange this situation is. I mean, think about it, when was the last time you clicked on an article titled, Top 5 reasons your Mother-in-law came back to life, or Why the family cat will die and rise nine times. Quick answer, you haven’t, people and animals don’t come back from the dead. And there’s no reason to write or read an article explaining a phenomenon which doesn’t happen. So, the fact, that you clicked on this article about the resurrection of the man Jesus; with expectations that scientific, philosophical, and historical arguments would be presented, is quite extraordinary.

In light of the uniqueness of this situation, I would ask you to place any thoughts, ideas, or opinions you may have about the resurrection of Christ to the side. Now, please understand, I’m not asking you to turn off your brain. Instead, I’m hoping that by setting aside any preconceived notions you will become curious about the most counterintuitive event in human history. An event that was so significant it reshaped the world and birthed a religion which, as it looks back to that moment, can confidently say this.

“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.”

C.S. Lewis

1. The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus, By Gary Habermas and Michael Licona

The book cover

This is a great book for someone who doesn’t know much about the facts surrounding the resurrection of Jesus. Gary Habermas is one of the leading scholars on the subject, and all of Michael Licona’s works are a must-read. The book takes on the resurrection from a historical angle. It does this by only using evidence from outside historical sources (ancient non-Christian documents), and the secularly accepted evidence from the Bible. The evidence presented in the book has, quite literally, taken the resurrection from a joke in the intellectual community, to a topic of serious debate. If you really want to get to know this subject then this is the book for you.

2. The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel

If academic writing is not totally your cup of tea, then The Case for Christ would be a great choice for you. It is just as historically accurate as Habermas’s book, but it’s more reader-friendly. The book is a testimony of the author’s journey from Atheism to Christianity. The author was a journalist and the story of his struggle with the evidence is gripping. It will keep you at the edge of your site.

3. Did the Resurrection Happen? By Gary Habermas

Book cover

If your not into the historical stuff or are just looking for something different, then you should consider reading this book about the philosophical evidence for the resurrection. The book follows the third debate between Habermas and Antony Flew. For those who don’t know, Flew is a well-respected philosopher, who is well known for being a staunch Atheist. One interesting thing to note is that sometime after the debate, Flew publicly announced that he had changed his mind about God. He is now a Deist.

4. The Resurrection of Jesus: a new historiographical Approach, by Michael Licona

Book cover

Like I said above, anything by Michael Licona is a must read. This book is good for the academically minded. Its a complete immersion into all there is to know about the resurrection of Christ. Here is a comment about the book, which says it all.

“Licona has tackled his subject energetically, with near-obsessive thoroughness….I am not aware of any scholar who has previously offered such a thorough and fair-minded account of the historiographical prolegomena to the resurrection question.” Richard B. Hays, Duke Divinity School

5. Evidence for the Resurrection, by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell

Book cover

This book is as heartwarming as it is factual. The book was a joint effort between Josh McDowell and his son Sean. Both are incredible apologists, who have written many exceptional books. However, because of the joint effort, to me, this book on the resurrection stands out from the rest.

I hope you enjoyed this post, this is my second post on books about Apologetics. To see my first blog click here. Below I have posted links for all the books we talked about today. They are affiliate links, so if you liked this article, want to help me out, and are interested in knowing more about the most significant event in human history, go check them out.

1. The Case for the Resurrection of Christ

2. The case for Christ

3. Did the Resurrection happen?

4. The Resurrection of Jesus

5. Evidence for the Resurrection

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