Transgression… The Forgotten Sin.

So the inevitable heat wave of death has finally hit us here in SC… and were dying. But that’s why God invented air conditioning, so don’t worry we’ll survive!

This is the last part of the three-part study on the biblical words for sin. So far we have looked at Sin (Khata, in Hebrew) and Iniquity (Avon); today we will take a look at the word Transgression (Pesha).

When I finished researching this word I found myself a little unsure about what to write. You see, at first, the ideas brought out by the word Transgression didn’t strike me as very important or significant. However, after some thought, I realized that there are some really profound ideas which are brought to light by this word. But before we get into all that we need to understand what the word transgression means. So, once again, I’ll let the guys from the Bible Project do their thing. (These guys do a great job explaining biblical concepts, don’t let the animation through you off.)

I realy like the fact that the word transgression is used in the Bible. Because the word adds an extra layer to the conversation about the
destructive characteristics of sin.

The word transgression shows us that when sin is committed the person wronged, not only, receives physical or emotional harm. But the trust between the two will also be lost.

As I went through this study, I became very intrigued about how the word transgression has, more or less, fallen out of use here in the States. After some resurch I found several reasons as to why this is. However, one of the reasons was a bit ironic and sad. So here it is.

The word transgression shows us that sin brakes down trust between people. So if sin is allowed to grow and influence part of a society, over time, the people in that society will become less trusting. Consequently, that word will be needed less often. I mean, after all, why would you use a word which describes broken trust, when there really wasn’t any trust there to break.

I think that there are signs that this has happened here in the States, and is partially why the word is not used in our everyday language. Now, I’m not a big “the U.S.A. is going to hell in a handbasket” kinda guy (those people are a little too pessimistic). However, I think that the U.S. is a good example of a country where the community trust has been eroded by Transgressions. For instance, just think about the level of trust we had even 50 years ago. Kids ran all over the place, unlocked doors were a thing, the government had far more credibility, It’s very evident that people were more trusting than they are today. Now, there are other reasons why we have become less trusting over the years, however, we would be intentionally blinding ourselves if we said that sin didn’t play a big role.

The more I learn about this dark and mysterious thing we call sin, the more I notice the effect that it has on me and on our world. As Christians, we need to be conscious of the way sin effects and attacks us. We can’t afford to treat it like its “not a big deal”. The biggest mistake I have ever made when dealing with sin in my life, is to look at what I am tempted to do and think to myself- “well…. it’s not like it’s that bad”. The moment you forget the infectious, corrosive, rippling, nature of transgressions, is the moment trust will inevitably be broken.

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One thought on “Transgression… The Forgotten Sin.

  1. We finally got hit here too. 60’s for two months and now high nineties like boom! If god invented air conditioning, why so many repair men? Ha! Have a good day brotha!


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